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University of Iowa will lay off lesbian who sued for discrimination

The complaint, released for the first time in court documents Wednesday, also recounted several instances when Meyer said she complained about the treatment of women.

“Many of these issues have been ignored, in my view, because they are important to women or threaten the male dominated culture in the athletics department,” she wrote.

The university allowed Meyer to keep her $173,000 annual salary after her move to a job overseeing university construction projects. She was later transferred to a position helping coordinate the complex moves of art and music programs into new buildings that have been built to replace those destroyed in a 2008 flood. She received positive evaluations in those roles, according to the evaluations submitted as court evidence.

With the moves wrapping up at the beginning of the fall semester, the university gave Meyer the three-month notice required under university policy of her pending job elimination, spokeswoman Jeneane Beck said. The notice said that Meyer was eligible to apply for other positions.

But Zwagerman said that Meyer had been assured her reassignment was temporary and that she would remain employed by the university. Now it’s clear, she said, that the school never had any intention of returning her to athletics.

“They merely wanted to create a time gap between Ms. Meyer’s whistleblowing and her termination in order to avoid any further retaliation allegations,” Zwagerman wrote.

Iowa could transfer Meyer to another job or return her to athletics by removing her from any involvement in Griesbaum’s case, she wrote.

A judge is expected to rule on the injunction request in coming weeks.

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