Republican platform tries to reverse Earth’s rotation on LGBT rights

Would the party like to take us back to a time when the psychiatric profession defined us as mentally sick or having a co-called “ego dystonic disorder”? Or further back to having a “sexual orientation disorder,” or back to 1952 in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 1 when we were categorized as having a “sociopathic personality disorder”?

Or would the Party just have us incarcerated for up to two years like in England from 1886 until 1967, or sent to concentration camps like in Cuba, or exterminated as we were in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and ’40’s? Or would the Party rather we travel back in time under the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England where suspected men who engage in sexuality with their own sex suffered the death penalty from 1564 until as late as 1861?

Hey, I know. The party would like to take us way back to the Middle Ages where we were tied together as if mere kindling, and set ablaze killing many faggots with one flame, as it were.

While Superman performed his trip back in time for the good of Lois Lane, the Republican Party takes flight to reverse people’s rights for political expediency. In promoting its so-called “conservative” agenda, the party is deploying our bodies as its stepping stones for power. It is doing so by appealing to voters’ worse fears and deeply held prejudices.

What the Republican Party neglects to realize, though, is that while anything is possible in science fiction, reality kicks up a fierce downward wind that will inevitably grab the party out from the stratosphere and hurtle it back to Earth. 

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