Rapper Boosie BadAzz: Television is forcing children to be gay

“They trying to make everyone all f***ing gay. That’s what I think.”

So said Baton Rouge rapper Boosie BadAzz (formerly Lil Boosier), an artist we’ve absolutely heard of before and listened to at great length.

The bizarre rant took place during an interview with DJ Vlad — who, of course, needs no introduction.

BadAzz said he was absolutely certain the television is trying to make children gay for “monetary gain.”

“They’re putting it in our culture,” he mused. “They’re putting it on… they’re putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere and I think they’re doing it just trying to do it to make monetary gain. They’re not doing it for the gays.”

Gay stuff. It’s everywhere.

Watch the incorrigible imp’s bizarre diatribe here:



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