Nickelodeon shatters animated ceiling with gay cartoon couple

Bert and Ernie, move over. Children’s television now has Harold and Howard: a same-sex couple on TV’s Nickelodeon, reported Gay Star News. 

The channel is introducing the gay dads in an episode of the program, The Loud House, as the fathers of Clyde McBride, the best friend of Lincoln Loud.

While there is clear significance in their addition, Eric Reber and other readers of LGBTQ Nation compelled us to check with an authority on the subject of whether they are the first-ever animated same-sex couple.

And here is the answer, provided by one of Nickelodeon’s cartoon characters:

The only reference Clyde and Lincoln make in the episode is that they are going to ‘make history’ with their first sleepover.

Howard is played by MadTV’s Michael McDonald, and Harold is played by Wayne Brady of Whose Line Is It Anyway fame. Brady recently joined other stars from Broadway in a tribute recording dedicated to the victims of the Orlando massacre.

There are no jokes about the sexuality of Clyde’s parents, just the fact Howard is overprotective and cannot stop hugging their son.

Watch a clip from “Overnight Success” from The Loud House, via Twitter:

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