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Man arrested at gay beach when towel slips off waist for a moment

On social media, people are insisting cops were only patrolling the gay section of Riis, and are comparing the incident to gay bar raids and bathhouse crackdowns. There’s a general concern that, in a post-Orlando world, the NYPD will use their increased presence in gay spaces to not so much protect the queer community as monitor and antagonize them.

As The Daily Dot reports, a friend of Fox’s commented that “his naked body is seen as more dangerous than a gun.”

Talking to The Huffington Post, Fox described the incident as “very quick and very scary.”

It’s the worst moment of my life. My biggest problem is that Riis is my safe space and I’ve been going there for almost a decade. I got married in 2011 almost exactly where I was arrested. I shoot there all summer long and was working on a photo project I was devoting to the Orlando victims.”

Watch footage of the arrest’s aftermath below:

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