Extremist to gays: Jesus will ‘slaughter every single one of you’

A notorious antigay Christian extremist with a webcam is making the case that gays should be put to death, and he knows just the man to do it: Jesus Christ.

“In a biblical society,” said Theodore Shoebat in his latest hate-filled YouTube video, “every fag would be rounded up and killed. But that’s not going to happen, but believe me, when Jesus comes back, Jesus is going to kill all these sodomites. You’re going to be praying to be living under a Catholic society from the Middle Ages because when Jesus comes back, it’s going to be a lot more brutal.”

“He’s going to find all you bastards and he’s going to slaughter every single one of you,” Shoebat declared, smiling broadly. “I can’t wait for that day to come. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful world.”

Shoebat’s motivation was an incident in Australia where two men reportedly were arrested for sexually abusing a 10-month-old girl.

Shoebat’s claim to fame was his inclusion in an antigay documentary last year that included Republicans running for the GOP nomination, according to Right Wing Watch.

Watch the video of Shoebat from YouTube, below.

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