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Scotland cop croons “I Will Survive” after breaking up gay bar brawl

Scotland cop croons “I Will Survive” after breaking up gay bar brawl

It may sound like a scene from one of the Naked Gun movies, but cell phone video from Scotland proves it really happened: one of the cops responding to a call of a disturbance at a gay bar couldn’t resist an invitation to sing the karaoke version of the 1978 song, “I Will Survive,” to the delight of the crowd.

He was reportedly one of four officers called to handle an incident outside the Waterloo Bar in Glasgow last Wednesday. After interviewing patrons and reviewing security video, the karaoke host, Katie Boyle, convinced the cop to come up and sing.

According to the Evening Standard, the officer — known only as Sergeant John — thrilled the customers with not just one but, at the audience’s urging, two verses of Gloria Gaynor’s fabulously famous gay anthem.

“He tried to stop after one verse,” said one woman in attendance, “but the crowd were loving it so he carried on. He was really good and had all the moves.”

Video recorded on a number of cell phones shows John pointing his finger and dancing as he sang. When he finished, he took a bow and received a standing ovation before going back to work.

Watch video of Sergeant John singing karaoke below in video from YouTube via The Daily Mail.



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