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IHOP waitress gets ‘Gay is wrong!’ message on receipt instead of tip

As you can imagine, Taylor Stewart’s job waitressing at the International House of Pancakes in Enid, Oklahoma is a challenging one, but it’s not without its perks.

“I’m a people person and that’s why I have this job because I love people,” she tells WQAD-TV. “You know, and I like to serve them and, you know, make them happy.”

But on Monday night, one highly rude customer managed to sully her usually sunny disposition.

While wrapping up a double shift, Stewart waited on a man and his three children, and screwed up one of the orders.

Though the mistake was quickly corrected and Taylor apologized, this customer continued being quite nasty to her, leaving a mess at the table, and storming out the door with his family once they were done eating.

Worst of all, instead of a tip for his family’s $36 meal, the man wrote “Gay is wrong!” on the receipt.

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“I was just shocked,” Taylor says. “I was more shocked than hurt, but I mean it did hurt. If you don’t like it, If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. That’s your own opinion, but I mean just let people be who they are and don’t say hurtful things.”

Neither Stewart nor any of the other IHOP employees recognized the customer, and WQAD was unable to identity him based on the signature on his receipt.

This is hardly the first time a customer has decided to jot down something homophobic on their receipt instead of offering gratuity.

In April, a lesbian waitress received Biblical verse instead of a tip. Back in 2014, a transgender customer dining with eight friends atWashington D.C.’s Bistro 16 received a receipt with the words  “Gay bitches” scrawled on it.

Watch the report below.

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