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Gay ‘behavior’ is as bad as smoking, soda, sugar

A funny thing happened in the break room at the American Family Association headquarters in Tupelo, Miss., when Tim Wildmon, the hate group’s president met with his executive vice president, Ed Vitagliano, and Abe Hamilton, a public policy analyst.

Over coffee, they had a conversation about President Obama’s proclamation in celebration of Pride month and about his National HIV/AIDS strategy to combat the deadly scourge.

A camera recorded the whole thing, which was uploaded to YouTube, and reported by Right Wing Watch. And the funny thing is what they think the President should have said, according to Wildmon:

“You know, one of the real ironies of this proclamation is the president here cites the need for more funding for HIV/AIDS. But, unlike Michelle Obama, who advocates that children stay off the sodas, he doesn’t advocate behavior change when it comes to homosexual behavior affecting your health. Abe, why doesn’t he say, ‘Stop doing what you’re doing and you won’t get AIDS’?”

This isn’t new territory for the anti-LGBT organization, but it does mark a new tactic in getting its message out, and a high water mark in video production for this backwater group.

“You need to get exercise, you need to cut the sugars, you need to not eat sodas, but in terms of homosexuality, there’s no adjustment needed in your behavior, we just need to pour more money into treating the results of the behavior.”

That’s Abe Hamilton, who also said “I think once again you highlight one of the glaring episodes of hypocrisy that comes from secular progressivism as applied to public policy.”

The men also took issue with President Obama’s push for new legislation to protect Americans based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, known as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Vitagliano noted “the only ones I know that are getting fired in this country in 2016 are Christians because they oppose that proclamation and the ideas behind it.”

Watch the video via RWW, below:

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