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FBI: There’s no proof Orlando shooter was gay

FBI: There’s no proof Orlando shooter was gay

Despite numerous allegations that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was secretly gay, FBI investigators have announced that the rumors are false. Authorities say there is absolutely no proof that any of the accusations are true.

While an unidentified man recently appeared on Univision claiming to have hooked up with the shooter repeatedly and that the motive for the attack was revenge on Latino gay men who had “used” him, authorities say the allegation is false. While the story was picked up by numerous LGBT news outlets, LGBTQNation editors decided not to run the piece because there were too many red flags that it was fake.

The Los Angeles Times reports that FBI officials say there are no photographs, text messages, smartphone apps, or gay pornography among Mateen’s belongings and cell-tower location data does not corroborate any of the allegations made by numerous gay men in the area.

Authorities say they do not find any of the accusers to be credible. They suggested some of the claims were cases of mistaken identity.

Cord Cedeno, who claimed to have messaged with Mateen on Grindr before blocking him is sticking with his story. Cedeno also claimed that he saw the shooter in the gay nightclub months before the shooting and recognized him from the hookup app.

“The FBI obviously is trying to cover up their information,” he told the Times. “I can go take a lie detector test. I know for a fact Omar messaged me.”

Cedeno refused to give authorities his phone to verify his claims, saying some of his friends who reported the same information had their phones taken for analysis and he didn’t want to be without his mobile.

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