Diving legend Greg Louganis dons Speedo to climb back on the board

Four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis sat down with 2000 gold medalist Laura Wilkinson for an NBC Sports segment where the two talked advice for making an Olympic team and went for a synchro platform dive. The video is part of a larger Team USA series that showcases highlights and interviews from the U.S. Olympic team.

“Oh God, I think I’m in trouble,” jokes Louganis, before coming out in his yellow Speedo next to Wilkinson, who donned a red bathing suit.

“This is the diving dream team” says one commentator, “gold and gold.” To no one’s surprise, the two received a perfect score. “I didn’t think they matched up very well when I saw them on the tower because their costumes are different,” remarked another, “but their dive was impeccable.”

While no longer competing, Louganis continues to coach and mentor, act in both films and TV (oftentimes as himself), and promote LGBTQ activism. From his synchro dive, though, it seems like the athlete is as outstanding as ever. With four golds and a silver, Louganis at 56 is currently unrivaled.

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