#AskTheGays: Trump’s America would be disastrous for LGBT people

On Monday, Donald Trump addressed the massacre in Orlando by reiterating some of his wildest and most dangerous promises of the campaign. Foremost among them was that he would ban Muslims from entering the United States. Nevermind that this is both infeasible (how do you prove someone is Muslim?) and unconstitutional (federal government and religion): Trump has never been noted as particularly knowledgeable or practical in his campaign.

Almost lost among the horror of his foreign policy however was some pretty fantastical claims about LGBT people and their relationship with the Obama administration.

Trump stated “And by the way the LGBT community is just — what’s happened to them is just so sad and to be thinking about where their policies are currently with this administration is a disgrace to that community, I will tell you right now.” Which is an odd thing to say, since the Obama administration is certainly the most LGBT friendly Presidency in history.

During his tenure we’ve seen President Obama support:

  • The end of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
  • The end of the Defense of Marriage Act
  • The Department of Justice opposing laws against marriage equality
  • An inclusive Violence Against Women Act
  • Removing the surgical requirements to change your gender on basically every form of federal ID
  • EEOC and Department of Education decisions supporting Title VII and IX claims by transgender people
  • An executive order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the federal government and contractors

The party whose ticket he is running on opposed all of this, and Trump has promised to strike many of the most important gains down via judicial appointments.

Just as strangely, he also claimed he was a better ally to the community than Clinton.

“Ask yourself who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community, Donald Trump with actions or Hillary Clinton with her words?”

Q: So what claim would Trump have to being better for the LGBT community than Obama or Clinton?

A: Simply that he wouldn’t let Muslims into the country because they’re hostile to the LGBT people.

“She can’t claim to be supportive of these communities while trying to increase the number of people coming in who want to oppress these same communities,” he said.

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