Armed man arrested before LA Pride is gay, not supposed to own guns

Howell was charged with intimidation in the case involving Hebert, a conviction that led to his yearlong probation and weapons prohibition.

Hebert remembered Howell being “hot-headed” but said he had no interest in pursuing an intimidation charge against him.

“I wasn’t going to ruin his life for it,” Hebert said, adding that he was fine as long as Howell didn’t return to the neighborhood.

Prosecutors apparently pursued the case without Hebert.

Grace Logsdon, Howell’s former roommate, said Howell owned five guns and liked to spend time at a shooting range. He enjoyed teaching Logsdon about guns, she said, but he had a bad temper.

During one trip to a gun range, she said Howell told her: “I wish I could kill a lot of people.”

She said Howell lived in a duplex apartment with Logsdon, her husband and Howell’s now-former boyfriend late last year.

Howell’s ex-boyfriend, Richard Hambrick, described Howell as “explosive.”

“He’s got a lot of anger problems,” Hambrick said.

He added that he doesn’t know why Howell was in California.

“As far as I know he had no connections there with any family or friends,” Hambrick said.

Charlestown police Detective Capt. Chuck Ledbetter said the handgun Howell used in the intimidation case was the only one the department seized from him. A rifle that ex-boyfriend Hambrick said Howell pointed at him a day earlier wasn’t seized because no arrest was made at the time, Ledbetter said.

A lawyer who represented Howell in Kentucky said that he is looking for a lawyer in California.

Attorney Bobby Boyd told WDRB-TV that Howell’s father is cooperating with the FBI and was shocked by his son’s arrest.


Associated Press writers Tom Davies contributed from Indianapolis, Claire Galofaro contributed from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and Christopher Weber contributed from Los Angeles.

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