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It was another night of drinking and dancing until the shots began

Inside, those on the dance floor weren’t sure if what they heard was just part of the DJ’s set.

“Everyone was getting on the floor. … I thought it was just part of the music, until I saw fire coming out of his gun,” patron Rose Feba explained to the Orlando Sentinel.

Mina Justice was sound asleep when she received the first text from her son, Eddie Justice, who was in the club.

“Mommy I love you,” the first message said. It was 2:06 a.m.

“In club they shooting.”

It was around this time that Alamo wandered back into the main room.

“He was holding a big weapon,” Alamo said. “He had a white shirt and he was holding the weapon … you ever seen how Marine guys hold big weapons, shooting from left to right? That’s how he was shooting at people.”

Alamo dashed toward the back of one of the smaller dance rooms, and said people then rushed to an area where two bouncers had knocked down a wooden fence to create an escape route.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to die,” Alamo said, his voice very quiet. “I was praying to God that I would live to see another day. I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

At 2:09 a.m., Pulse posted a chilling, hurried message on its Facebook page: “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running.”

Brand White and her cousin were on the dance floor in the main room when White’s cousin yelled to her, “B, it’s a guy with a bomb!” Before she knew it, White was hit in the shoulder.

“All of a sudden it just started like a rolling thunder, loud and everything went black,” White wrote in a Facebook message to an Associated Press reporter from her hospital room Sunday. “I think I was trampled.”

She didn’t recall leaving the club, but she remembered the state she was in: “Covered head to toe in blood.”

“I remember screaming and mass chaos,” she wrote. “There were hundreds of people there.”

She made it to the hospital, where she got a blood transfusion. As Sunday wore on, her cousin remained missing.

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