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Activist attacks Family Research Council’s antigay leader Tony Perkins

Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins is rabidly antigay zealot; a highly vocal opponent of marriage equality who thinks musicals are nothing but homosexual propaganda. He’s also convinced queers will destroy the military by 2034.

Not that his insanity has gone unheeded by the world at large — at least, not lately. Last week, his scheduled appearance to discuss the Orlando massacre on ABC’s “The Week” was abruptly cancelled after viewers complained that he headed a hate group.

And now, activist Angela Peoples of GetEqual has openly confronted Perkins during a press conference at a Donald Trump event, verbally attack him and catching the whole thing on video.

“You are responsible for hate and lies,” she cries, “a culture that has fueled violence against our community.”

She goes on to tell Perkins:

What do you have to say for yourself, Tony Perkins? You are responsible – you are responsible for all of this violence. Do you see those 49 people that were murdered in Orlando. You created that environment, sir. What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

“We don’t want your prayers, Tony Perkins. We don’t want your lies. We want you to stop being homophobic, we want you to stop the hate speech.”

All Perkins manages to say in response is a perfectly limp, “You are very disrespectful.”

Watch the confrontation here: 

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