Absolutely Fabulous duo discuss their awkward first encounter

Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, and Rebel Wilson of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show couch recently, where the famous duo revealed that their chemistry wasn’t always as dynamic as it is now.

It’s difficult to picture Patsy and Eddy as anything other than, well, Patsy and Eddy. However, Saunders who wrote Ab Fab reveals she had a very different image for Patsy at first. “You weren’t the idea I had for Patsy. It’s true… you made it better.”

Lumley recalls loving the script and meeting Saunders for the first time in a tiny chair, where the two proceeded to exchange lukewarm greetings. They then go on to discuss hanging out with Bananarama, Lumley’s modeling career, and drinking.

Wilson added that her one day on set was “totally how you would imagine it, because it was working for like one hour and drinking champagne for the rest of the time.” With featurettes like this one of Chris Colfer and Saffie at drag queen karaoke night, it’s not hard to imagine the merrymaking that probably goes down on the Ab Fab set.

“We just didn’t want to let you down,” adds Saunders.

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