​​Donald Trump: ‘Make America white and Protestant again’

What I found so interesting (but not surprising) and illuminating about MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff’s interview with William Johnson was not Johnson’s seeming pride in his admitted “white nationalism,” but more importantly, in his unbound excitement in the candidacy of Donald Trump. Johnson called Trump an “American nationalist” who has made “nationalism popular.”

[N]ationalism is becoming popular right now. Donald Trump is making it popular. We’re battling the globalism that’s been in place for the last 40 or 50 years, and Donald Trump is leading the charge.”

In this instance, Johnson seemed not to understand the definition of the term “globalism” as more of an economic system, but nonetheless, he continued:

And just like nationalism is becoming popular in the Philippines, in Egypt, and in Europe, [Trump is] making it popular here in the United States. The large influx of immigrants primarily because of the concept of globalism has destroyed western civilization, and Donald Trump is battling that.”

Heterosexual Euro-Protestant values and culture stand as the highest foundational principle of white nationalism. It consists of a racial ideology that functions to create, maintain, and increase class inequality. In this way, as we can clearly see in the Trump campaign’s fear-mongering against immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, and women, white nationalism is used to manipulate white working-class people into working against their own economic self-interests by fearing, hating, and scapegoating people of color, non-Protestants, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Nationalism, white or not, is a form of fascism in which authoritarian demagogues manipulate the masses for their own advancement.

I wonder whether Johnson knew that Jacob Soboroff is of Jewish heritage before he consented to the interview since white nationalists generally place all non-white, non-Protestant, non-gender conforming, non-heterosexuals into the category of so-called “mud people”: the racist philosophy that God gave souls only to Euro-heritage Protestant gender-conforming heterosexuals (and most notably white Anglo-Saxon Protestant gender-conforming heterosexuals). For everyone else, God formed soulless bodies out of mud.

Evidently, other white nationalists were aware of Jacob Soboroff’s Jewish background. Regarding a story Soboroff reported from a factory that produces Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats, a white racist nationalist website, Infostormer: Destroying Jewish Tyranny, announced:

It was painfully obvious that his intention was to stir up trouble and get some of the Latino workers who were helping make the hats say something bad about Trump.

This Jew reporter has a weasel face that even a mother would want to punch. Quite frankly I am sick of these faggot kike reporters. What are they doing here? Why is this Jew in America? He should be put in a FEMA camp and made to wear striped pajamas and a ‘jude’ star.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center found an exponential rise until 2013 in the formation of extremist right-wing racist and so-called “patriot” anti-government groups in the United States as a backlash to the election of Barack Obama in 2008.

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