The top 10 right wing freak outs over trans rights

  1. Hate groups encouraging locals to bully transgender children

The Alliance Defending Freedom, another SPLC designated hate group, is sending out representatives to school board meetings encouraging towns to reject and ostracize transgender youth if they do not stop being transgender.  At a recent school board meeting in Blue Ridge, Georgia, ADF attorney Ken Fletcher urged the crowd to reject a local transgender student’s identity to, “lead them back to their birth gender,” in order to “help them so they don’t lead a life of heartbreak”.

He neglected to mention that such rejection can increase the suicide attempt rate by 1300%. (no that’s not a misprint).

The key take away here is that the religious right believes a kid is better off dead than transgender.


  1. Alt-Right wingers caught faking evidence about transgender people.

If you don’t have any evidence, then why not make it up? That was the starting point for alt-right prankster Joey Salads who produced a video purporting to show that “real” women freak out and scream when a transgender person walks into the bathroom.  The problem with his video was that all of it was staged, and provably so with science by Zinnia Jones in her video response. (Seriously, watch it.)  The bathroom was actually a single toilet handicapped facility, it was done off hours at a friend of Mr. Salad’s office, and the cisgender women entering it were actors.

Mr. Salads made one key mistake: he never had to make facts up in the first place to get the public to hate and fear transgender people in the first place.

  1. Transgender people are a plot to destroy Christianity in America.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council also claimed that transgender people having legal protections is part of a plot to destroy Christianity in America.

QUESTION: “Do you think that the ultimate goal is to destroy the impact of Christianity in our country?”

PERKINS: Definitely, yes.

It’s all part of a radical movement trying to destroy the fact that God created man and woman — and that somehow people can choose what gender they want to be. The ultimate goal is to break down all sexual inhibition and morality — a goal that would result in social chaos.

  1. Pat McCrory wants to gut the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because of transgender people.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory went on CNN and argued that Congress should “re-visit” (i.e. gut) the entirety of 1964 Civil Rights Act in order to make sure it’s easier to discriminate against people, particularly transgender ones. In short, he wants to eviscerate the landmark civil rights legislation that is the backbone of all law preventing discrimination in the US.

It wouldn’t be the first time McCrory has fought so hard to undo what the civil rights activists of the 50’s and 60’s fought for. He led the charge to repeal the Voting Rights Act in court, and in the process disenfranchised thousands upon thousands of African Americans.

Looks like Loretta Lynch’s comparisons of HB2 to Jim Crow weren’t off the mark.


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