The top 10 right wing freak outs over trans rights

  1. Screaming at people in Target

Is there a better way to convince people to change their minds than to scream at them street-preacher style? Or better yet, street-preacher style while they’re shopping for toys at Target? Well, these annoying nut-jobs thought being a public nuisance was the perfect way to make people realize Target shouldn’t let transgender people use bathrooms or changing areas at their stores.

For whatever reason, people weren’t buying what they were selling (but they were still buying at Target!)

Never fear, though, a woman at the end of the video demonstrated she had learned something important about the people yelling at her: “You’re not a true Christian, you’re an asshole.”

And knowing is half the battle.

  1. Texas Republicans considered seceding over this issue

Right wing hate groups and their spokesmen have been urging Texas, and other states, to secede from the union over the “demonic” plan to let transgender people use the bathroom that’s in line with their gender identity. This would be simply more zany lunatic fringe antics, except for fact that the Republican Party of Texas seriously fucking considered making it part of their party’s platform.

Pause for a moment.  The American Civil War killed 2.4% of the people in the US. Applied to the current US population, that’s about 7.5 million dead people. And Texas Republicans actually had a debate on whether a new civil war was worth it to prevent transgender people from going pee in a little metal stall of their choice.

And they say transgender people are crazy.

  1. Killing transgender people is definitely on the table.

The right wing claims that this isn’t really about transgender people. This might be plausible if it weren’t for the fact that they keep threatening to beat, shoot, castrate, and nerve gas transgender people. And it’s not members of hate groups threatening this: each and every one of these threats came from Republican elected officials.

Republican candidate for sheriff in Denton County, Texas, Tracy Murphree has vowed to personally beat any transgender people he finds in bathrooms unconscious (and potentially to death). Republican Richard Floyd of Tennessee also similarly promised to beat transgender people to death if he found them in a bathroom. Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina Republican party tweeted that transgender people should be sent to concentration camps.  Spartanburg County South Carolina Sheriff Chuck Wright threatened transgender people stating, “I’m gonna whip your tail if you go in there with my wife while she’s trying to use the bathroom, or my granddaughter.”

Leaders in hate groups are spurring this on, threatening to shoot transgender people in bathrooms, or to castrate them personally.

Oddly enough, all of these people claim they’re really making America safer.

Not from where I’m sitting.

  1. Potty police catch two: have to throw them back

The law against transgender people using bathrooms in North Carolina hasn’t yielded any perpetrators. However, potty police have managed to catch some cisgender (non-transgender) women with short hair and harassed the shit out of them. Video of two incidents were captured on cell phone.

Apparently, the only women who are allowed to use the bathroom without showing ID must be dressed like (female) extras from “Little House on the Prairie.”

And Commander McCrory bids you welcome to the Republic of Gilead.

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