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Obama is coming into schools to ‘rape your children’

Rick Wiles, host of “Trunews,” gamely refers to the Obama administration as “the command center of the Obama homosexual revolution.”

This Monday, he sharply critiqued the White House letter regarding bathroom access for transgender students, predicting that parents and school officials are going to “cave” and “sacrifice their children at the altar of sexual perversion.”

Meanwhile, those in protest will be “beaten in the streets with batons” and “hosed down with firehoses,” which is very specific.

“I’m going to tell you where I think we’re going: civil war,” he says. “I believe this is the opening shot from Obama for civil war.”

I’m not calling for violence. I’m calling for massive civil disobedience. Shut down the system. My God, what do we have to do? They’re coming after your innocent children! Just when do you get off of your fat rear end and do something? I’m so sick and tired of these cowards in the churches. Lazy, worthless cowards! They’re coming for your children! They’re coming right into your schools to pervert your children!”
Later, he went hardcore and suggested that both President Obama and Lucifer himself have solid plans to “rape your children,” and soon:
We’re living in a funhouse. In a house of horrors. The president — the fake president, he’s a fake president, he’s not a legitimate American president, he’s a fake and he’s been allowed to do these wicked things for eight years because there’s been no resistance to him, and now he’s going for it, he’s got the pedal to the metal. He’s coming into the schools to rape your children. Let’s be honest about it. Satan wants to rape your children. I’m telling you, there’s going to be confrontation in the country. There will be a group of people who just say, ‘This is it, I’m done, at this point, we resist and we’re pushing back.'”
It’s all a little farfetched.


h/t: Right Wing Watch

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