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Mom’s perfect response after stranger ridicules her son’s Elsa dress

From any vantage point, it’s safe to say it’s pretty low to criticize the fashion stylings of a three-year-old boy.

But some people, as you know, are pretty low.

Haylee Bazen of Cambridge found herself in the unenviable position of having her three-year-old boy Zackary mocked for dressing up as his fave Frozen princess Elsa.

He wanted to perform “Let It Go” for his classmates, so it begs to reason he wanted to get into character.

But a total stranger came creeping in from the shadows to give Haylee and Zackary his two cents while they were waiting for the bus.

Haylee writes on Facebook:

To the lady at the bus stop who felt the need to interrupt my conversation with my son.

I am NOT sorry you didn’t like how he was dressed nor am I sorry that you didn’t like our discussion topic of who our favorite Disney Princess is (Snow White obviously).

Zackary is my 3 year old son and he can be who he wants to be. Today he was a Disney princess and YES I did send him to school like that. Why??? Because that’s what he wanted to wear, because he wanted to show his teachers and friends his Elsa dress, because he wanted to sing ‘let it go’ for show and tell, because he doesn’t understand the gender stereotypes YOU think he should conform to, but most importantly because he is awesome!!

He plays with cars and dolls, princesses and pirates. He rides his scooter or pushes his pram. He wears zombie face painting or lip stick and if he choose to wear a dress he can!!

So next time you see us, dressed as a princess or cowboy, keep you disapproving stares to yourself and unless you want to tell him how great he looks keep your poisonous words to yourself too.

You’re the one that should be embarrassed to leave the house not us!! ?

And c’mon. Look how cute this kid is.

h/t: Pink News




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