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Dad attacked in front of his kids because of bathroom panic hysteria

Now it’s getting insane.

A father shopping at Walmart in Clinton, Utah, told KSL-TV his decision to bring his 5-year-old daughter into the store’s men’s room, along with his 7-year-old son, sparked an argument that got him punched and kicked in front of his children.

“I just think it’s ridiculous,” Christopher Adams told the Salt Lake City station. “Not necessarily his intention — but the way he handled the situation was completely wrong.”

Clinton police told the TV station Adams didn’t feel comfortable sending his kindergartener into the store’s ladies room by herself, and was taken off-guard when a man using the urinal started cursing at him.

“This guy walks in and goes to the bathroom, the urinal,” Adams told KSL. “Then he just, like, turns to me and starts freaking out, dropping the ‘F-bomb,’ and what he was freaking out about was that my daughter was in the men’s bathroom.”

The word the man used, according to Adams, was “inappropriate,” and after they exchanged more terse words he gave Adams a shove. The father then began ushering his children out of the bathroom, and away from danger. But it didn’t end there.

“When I turned back around, I got sucker-punched right here,” Adams told the station, his left eye visibly bruised.

The attacker punched Adams in the face and kicked him in one of his knees, prompting Adams to defend himself. He said he forced the man out of the Walmart restroom, slammed him to the ground and held him while waiting for help to arrive.

Clinton Police Lt. Shawn Stoker told KSL the unidentified man was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. Clinton’s city attorney is considering a potential assault charge, according to Stoker.

“This is a situation where a father felt the most reasonable and safe thing for him to do is to take his children inside the restroom with him, and the customer took exception to that,” said Stoker.

A better idea, said Stoker, is to alert store personnel or call police if someone is concerned about someone in a bathroom.

Utah did add gender identity to its anti-discrimination protection laws last year. However, this week, Utah joined Alabama, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Maine, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Georgia in suing the federal government over its directive to public schools, calling for equal treatment of transgender students.

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