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Antigay preacher carrying ‘You Deserve Rape’ sign gets hit with bat

“Appollo High School, attention Apollo High School… I am out here as a Christian to represent Jesus Christ to you guys today…”

So shouts Brother Daen Saxton into a megaphone as he hovers outside a high school facility in Glendale, Arizona, cradling a “You Deserve Rape” sign.

In a video posted to YouTube, he’s heard saying, “the Bible says it’s not okay to be gay. You need to stop looking up naughty, nasty things on the Internet.”

A phalanx of students gather and criticize his babble. One teacher takes a stand: “I think you’re a disgrace to Christianity. Why don’t you go and preach it to somebody who really wants to hear your message, like Westboro Baptist Church?”

That’s when a female student attacks Saxton with a baseball bat — and the whole thing is caught on tape.

You can hear the sound of metal hitting bone, and then Saxton is seen staggering away with blood spilling down his skull, while students and staff celebrate.

The student, 19-year-old Tabitha Brubaker, has been arrested and charged with felony assault and possession of marijuana.

Watch the whole surreal scene unfold here:

h/t: Pink News

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