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Angered by inclusion of LGBTQ protections, GOP scuttles spending bill

Democrats had a host of other reasons why they opposed the bill, including a series of policy “riders” to roll back environmental regulations and provisions to undercut the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Ryan vowed to revive the bill and the overall appropriations process. The same amendment about discrimination by federal contractors had failed when offered to another spending bill a week ago; GOP leaders warned at the time that its approval would have sunk that measure, which would fund veterans programs and military base construction.

The amendment to protect North Carolina, authored Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-N.C., came in response to warnings from the Obama administration that it may take away federal money in response to the bathroom law.

“The president and his emissaries have stated … that funds should not be dispensed to North Carolina until North Carolina is coerced into complying with the legal beliefs of the president and his political views,” Pittenger said. “This is an egregious abuse of executive power.”

The North Carolina law was passed after the city of Charlotte passed an ordinance allowing transgender people to use restrooms of their chosen gender identity. The state law went further to take away federal protections for gays, putting the state at risk of losing a variety of federal funds.

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