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Wells Fargo lights Charlotte office tower with transgender flag colors

San Francisco based Wells Fargo not only signed on to the open letter from major corporations demanding repeal of North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law, they made a dramatic statement of support last night by lighting the 48-story Duke Energy Center tower in pink, white, and blue for the International Day of Transgender Visibility.

North Carolina’s law not only repeals all municipal human rights ordinances that include sexual orientation and gender identity, it also requires transgender people to use the bathroom associated with their birth gender.

After Charlotte passed an ordinance that provided public accommodations protections for transgender people, Governor Pat McCrory called an emergency session of state lawmakers. Within 24 hours, legislators from both chambers passed the vehemently discriminatory law and the governor had signed it.

Corporate leaders, celebrities, activists, and the media have all spoken out against the bill, citing the clearly discriminatory intent. Drug maker Braeburn Pharmaceuticals announced yesterday that it was “reevaluating” plans to build a $20 million dollar factory in the state.

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