Rihanna helps super-fan come out — via text messages

The steps pop star Rihanna has taken to assuage a gay male fan’s coming out process truly go above and beyond.

A huge fan — who is choosing to remain anonymous — succeeded in contacting Rihanna on Twitter,  seeking some honest advice from her about how to be open with himself and the people he loves.

Whether or not Rihanna herself sifts through her DMs — and who knows? — his cry for help somehow made it into the hands of the artist behind “Bitch Better Have My Money,”

She offered this guidance:


But this wasn’t the end of it, either.

Astonishingly, Rihanna continued the conversation over the next month or so, acting as a totally unlikely, but completely legitimate sounding board, cheerleader and all-around life coach:


It really, really goes above and beyond.


Like, really, really.


The fan is set to meet his idol, whom we’re sure he’ll be giving the longest hug of his life, during Rihanna’s Anti world tour.


h/t Buzzfeed

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