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Mat Staver: Gay Boy Scout Leaders put young boys in danger

Liberty Council’s Mathew Staver issued a statement yesterday that recommended churches sever all ties with the Boy Scouts of America.

He claims the group’s decision to accept gay members into their ranks threatens “the safety of their young boys” and asks churches to instead partner with Trail Life USA, a group that was created solely to discriminate against gay people:

The once great Boy Scouts of America has taken a great fall when it changes the longstanding policy to allow homosexual scout leaders and members. This change in policy is fraught with danger. While there are ways for churches to protect their integrity and the safety of their young boys, the best alternative is to abandon the scouts because the scouts abandoned them. Trail Life USA is the best alternative to the failed BSA program,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. “Liberty Counsel will continue to defend the right of churches to make employment and volunteer decisions based on church religious beliefs and the teachings of the Bible,” said Staver.”
A longtime champion of all things antigay, Staver is of course best known for being one of the ringleaders behind Kim Davis’ uniquely grotesque take on political theater.
As Right Wing Watch reports, last year Staver recommended people leave the Boy Scouts, since the gay members were bound to turn the group into “a playground for pedophiles.”

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