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Martin Luther King ‘would be ecstatic’ about Mississippi’s new anti-LGBTQ law

Relentlessly hateful radio host Bryan Fischer began his broadcast Tuesday by heaping praise on a piece of legislation signed into law by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant that allows businesses and government officials to discriminate against gay people in the name of “religious liberty.”

However, Fischer believes the new law — which he calls “outstanding” and “the best in the nation” — prohibits discrimination by protecting the rights of Christians.

In his words, Mississippi’s Christians are now protected from “invidious discrimination” by “heterophobic bigots.”

Later on in the program, he says:

Martin Luther King Jr. was all about protecting rights of conscience. That’s what drove him; the right of conscience and protecting the right of conscience. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ecstatic with this bill. He would love this bill.”

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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