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Frat boy caught on video calling his Uber driver ‘fa**ot’ claims he’s the victim

It has now been revealed that Croman is the son of one of New York City’s most notorious slumlords, Steven Croman, who is currently under investigation for allegedly using illegal tactics to evict residents from rent-controlled apartments, going so far as to hire a former cop to intimidate tenants into leaving.

In 2014, Steven Croman was named one of the city’s “10 worst landlords” by the Village Voice, and there’s even an online advocacy group called Croman Tenants’ Alliance specifically dedicated to warning potential tenants of his actions.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jake Croman is an Associate at his dad’s company.

As for Zawada, he denies accusations of anti-semitism and maintains Croman’s verbal attack was completely unprovoked, which the video seems to corroborate.

“I said no word to the guy,” he said in an interview. “Nothing, nothing, nothing. I didn’t say anything to the guy and he went cuckoo.”

“I’m stressed out,” he continued. “It’s getting to me.”

Watch the video below.

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