Former world champ would beat Manny Pacquiao for gay rights

Shane Mosley and Manny Pacquiao Derek de Koff

Shane Mosley, former world champ, just told TMZ that he’d happily give Manny Pacquiao a beatdown in the name of gay rights.

Thanks to some gentle nudging from his wife and a particularly assertive TMZ reporter, Mosley claimed he’d happily get back in the ring with Manny. (He lost to Pacquiao in 2011.)

Pink News followed up the story and got a direct quote from Mosley: “My family and I are really upset about Pacquiao and the attitude towards gay rights in the boxing community.”

“I would love to make everyone feel comfortable going to a boxing match.”

To drive the point home — and possibly maybe to ride out the wave of publicity — Mosley jotted down the following tweets:

How irretrievably badass of him.

In February, Manny Pacquiao insinuated that inflammatory comments he made — namely, that gay people are “worse than animals” — were taken out of context.

Nike used to pay Pacquiao for endorsements, but they cut him off after he made those anti-marriage-equality statements.



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