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Former world champ would beat Manny Pacquiao for gay rights

Shane Mosley, former world champ, just told TMZ that he’d happily give Manny Pacquiao a beatdown in the name of gay rights.

Thanks to some gentle nudging from his wife and a particularly assertive TMZ reporter, Mosley claimed he’d happily get back in the ring with Manny. (He lost to Pacquiao in 2011.)

Pink News followed up the story and got a direct quote from Mosley: “My family and I are really upset about Pacquiao and the attitude towards gay rights in the boxing community.”

“I would love to make everyone feel comfortable going to a boxing match.”

To drive the point home — and possibly maybe to ride out the wave of publicity — Mosley jotted down the following tweets:

How irretrievably badass of him.

In February, Manny Pacquiao insinuated that inflammatory comments he made — namely, that gay people are “worse than animals” — were taken out of context.

Nike used to pay Pacquiao for endorsements, but they cut him off after he made those anti-marriage-equality statements.



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