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Why are so many LGBTQ people moving to “red” states?

Why are so many LGBTQ people moving to “red” states?

According to a new study from Consumer Affairs, more and more LGBTQ people are moving to traditionally “red” states. used available information from the Census Bureau and Gallup to get the info and compiled it into the map you’ll see below:


  • Salt Lake City saw the biggest increase in the size of its LGBT community as a portion of the total population, moving from 39th place in 1993 to 7th as of 2014 (the most recent available data).
  • Of the 20 cities that saw a positive change in their ranking, 11 were in traditionally red states including Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Texas.
  • Traditionally LGBT-friendly cities like Minneapolis, San Diego and New York saw a drop in their national rankings.

You can navigate around the map here and take a look at the LGBT demographic trends for multiple cities between 1990 and 2014.

As LGBT rights rise, the traditionally gay-friendly meccas like NYC and the West Coast are no longer the oasis in the desert for gays looking for acceptance.


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