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The way this six-year-old responded to her parent transitioning is incredible

Shalee Ellis and her partner Mallory live in Pennsylvania and have been married for three years.

Mallory recently came out as transgender.

The couple was certain the whole family would be supportive, but they were unsure how exactly they should broach the subject with their two children.

In January, Shalee ultimately decided to take their six-year-old daughter Layla out to grab a milkshake, and that’s when she explained everything to her.

Layla’s response was both surprising and inspiring.

Shalee tells BuzzFeed, “As soon as I started talking, her reaction was so incredibly mature and impressive. I instinctively had a mom moment and hit the record button to see if I could capture a tender moment to send to my wife, Mallory.”

And Layla’s response was absolute perfection.

Daddy, I love you so much. Even though you’re a ‘her,’ I love you so much.”

After sharing the incredibly touching video on her Facebook page last week, Shalee wrote:

I have been asked several times about how Layla responded to being told about her dad being transgender. I turned my camera on half way through the conversation, and this is what ensued. #unconditionallove #transgender #hatredistaught


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