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Susan Sarandon backtracks on Donald Trump comments

Susan Sarandon is now backtracking on controversial comments she made this week in regards to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, after facing criticism from other Hollywood actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis and Debra Messing.

As we reported yesterday, Susan Sarandon was interviewed by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes this week, and took the opportunity to suggest that Sanders supporters might not get behind Hillary Clinton:

She doesn’t [believe in] what Bernie believes in… Some people feel that she’s not authentic, that she’s a liar, so what difference does it make?

Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in then things will really, you know explode.

Some people feel that… I think that what’s going on now – if you think it’s pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, then you’re not in touch with the status quo.”


Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter to criticize her statement:

To which Sarandon responded:

Debra Messing also respectfully disagreed with Sarandon’s comments, writing “The idea that Susan Sarandon wud say that NOT supporting Hillary in a HRC/Trump race is a legitimate choice for Democrats, is insane.”

Sarandon responded to the criticism with a two-part tweet:

Finally, she disputed The Hill’s report:

So what exactly was she trying to say?

h/t: US Weekly

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