Should Facebook recognize three-way marriages and relationships?

Should Facebook recognize three-way marriages and relationships?

Currently, Facebook only allows users to announce they’re in a relationship with one other person — whether they’re in a civil union, domestic partnership, open relationship, or separated.

Users also can’t list more than one person they’re in a relationship with, so polygamists aren’t able to reflect the full scope of their love-life on the social network.

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Now, a petition started by activist Philly Cashion has already garnered 2,500 signatures to date.

“I’m in a ‘non-traditional relationship,” it reads. “I’m with my best friends. The three of us are very happy.

We can’t all get married in the UK. We would like to but such things are illegal. We are going around this by having a hand-fasting.

“What would be nice however is to have it on our profiles; people use the relationship option for many things from friends to married people.

“This is fun and good, but as Facebook seems stuck in the idea that a relationship only involves two people… It cuts one of us off.

“This may seem silly to some people, but to me it’s another way of being told our relationship isn’t real.

“There are many times this comes up: legally, mortgages, marriages, anything where people benefit from marriage, and considering the recent push to allow gay marriage, it is important. I doubt polyamorous marriages will be allowed any time soon although we would love that.

“The three of us are equal but we are constantly faced with the idea that one of us is an add-on. This simply isn’t true.

“We are a Triad, a Throuple, a Triumvirate.

“A small step for recognition would be if Facebook opened its relationship linking function. Instead of two, make it three or four or any number the people involved care to choose.

“It wouldn’t change much, and it wouldn’t be hard. It would be progressive and inclusive. Two things Facebook claims it is.”

What do you think? Should Facebook get with the times and acknowledge three-way relationships and beyond?

h/t: Pink News

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