Republican Chair: Hillary Clinton is ‘an angry bull dyke’

The chair of a Texas Republican Party party is stirring up lots of drama with what is, objectively speaking, a spate of insane and homophobic Twitter rants.

Robert Morrow was only recently elected chair of the Republican Party in Travis County, Texas, winning 54 percent of the vote.

His tenaciously inane Twitter feed has been quick to attract attention.

Morrow apparently idles away his days jotting down searingly homophobic comments about national politicians like George W. Bush, former Texas governor Rick Perry, Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Some of his greatest hits include calling Perry “an addicted homosexual,” and George W. Bush a “closet homo” who “can suck a d**k better than Hillary.”

Yes, this is really happening.


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.50.15 AM

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is apparently having sex with a “gay prostitute.” To hear Robert Morrow say it, everybody is having a whole lot of fun: The Republican National Committee is a “gay foam party.” Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is “very likely a gayman who got married.” Rick Perry, he told The Tribune, is “an epic hypocrite — I think he has been a rampaging bisexual adulterer for many decades.”



Apparently there’s not a whole lot anyone can do to get this man removed from his post.

He’s joked (ha?), “If I do not complete my term as Chair of the Travis Republican Party, it is because I will be Secretary of Sensitivity Training in a Trump Administration.”

Talking to the Texas Tribune, he said, “The people have spoken. My friends and neighbors and political supporters — they wanted Robert Morrow.”

However, many inside the party want him out. 

Vice chair Matt Mackowiak said: “We will explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account.

“I’m treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover.”

He told The Tribune: ““I will not rest until we remove him as chairman. He’s going to be an absolute embarrassment to the party. And if we fail in these efforts, we will start an alternate organization.”

“We have someone who ran here who absolutely has no intention of serving the Republican Party with leadership and faithfulness. His social media account is something that no child should see. He is a total disaster.”

However, the outspoken candidate doesn’t necessarily agree with that.

He told the newspaper: “Tell them they can go f**k themselves.”

“I don’t even think Mackowiak is going to support the Republican nominee, who is probably going to be Trump,” Morrow said. “What kind of traitor to the party is Matt Mackowiak? The incredible amount of damage someone like him does to the party — and he’s a douchebag.”

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h/t: Pink News, Texas Tribune

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