Rapper Azealia Banks lashes out at photographer: ‘Suck a d**k, fa**ot!’

Once again, rapper Azealia Banks has managed to completely lose her temper, verbally lashing out at a photographer by using homophobic slurs, and trying to hit another one after a court hearing on Monday.

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The New York Daily News reports that the rapper allegedly shouted “Suck a d**k, faggot!” and hit a photographer’s camera before entering an SUV, which was parked at Centre St. near Hogan Place.

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Ironically, the reason Banks was at the criminal courthouse in Manhattan was to attend a hearing about her December arrest, in which she allegedly bit and punched a female security guard that was standing outside of a Manhattan nightclub.

Asked to comment on the case, Banks just said “Download Slay-Z Mixtape — link on my Twitter and Instagram.”

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This is hardly the first time Azealia Banks has proven to be homophobic.

In September 2015, she claimed the LGBTQ community is the KKK, wrote that she wants to pepper spray “a gay man in the face,” and was caught on camera calling a flight attendant “faggot.”

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