High school coach resigns after three football players violate 14-year-old boy with broomstick on ‘No Gay Thursday’

According to CBS Philadelphia, the 14-year-old told his father about the incident in February, and the father talked to the school district about the situation, who immediately alerted both the police and the DA’s office.

As of yet, no evidence indicates that the coach or staff had any idea about the assault beforehand.

Prior to his resignation, Vogan says he had absolutely no idea about the team’s hazing culture because “coaches typically stayed out of the locker room,” according to WTSP.

“This was generally upperclassmen doing this to the underclassmen,” he said. “Bigger kids doing it to smaller kids. Hazing,” he said.

The three alleged attackers are charged as juveniles with unlawful restraint, conspiracy, assault, and terroristic threats.

“It just happened to be a perfect storm of this ‘No Gay Thursday’ tradition and them not liking this freshman and taking it out on him in a pretty horrible way,” Hogan told the AP.

Apparently the football team dreamed up the “No Gay Thursdays” three or four years ago, and on that day, behavior typically considered “gay” is considered “not gay” on Thursdays, says Hogan.

According to the prosecutor, the tradition involves older players coming up behind their younger peers and placing their genitals atop their heads, as well as other lewd acts.

Older players would come up behind younger players and put their genitals atop the younger players’ heads, among other sexually explicit or suggestive acts, the prosecutor said.

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