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Gop Texas House candidate defends ‘gay Hitler’ costume

Kyle Biedermann, a Republican candidate for the Texas House, is doing his best to explain away the “Gay Hitler” costume that he donned for a fundraiser eight years ago.

A photograph of Biedermann — who owns a hardware store and reckons himself a “conservative, Christian Republican” — features him pulling a “sieg heil” salute.

He tells The Express-News of San Antonio that the event, a benefit for a food pantry, was Saturday Night Live-themed.

His costume is riffing on the “Gay Hitler” character, portrayed by Chris Kattan. The character first debuted in 2001 on SNL’s “Weekend Update.”

Prior to launching his campaign, Biedermann took the photo off of his Facebook page, but the paper managed to get their hands on it.

“What would be offensive about that photograph?” he asks. “This whole thing is about political correctness. It’s not a problem for me whatsoever.”

“It’s only a problem because somebody is running against me and is trying to hurt my character. It was never a problem before. … My opponent wants to do sleazy things. This is what people hate about politics.”

Here’s his excuse:

The explanation is simple. This was a fundraiser for the Food Pantry and the Needs Counsel with about 400 people with a SNL theme … The costumes are supposed to be outrageous and mine certainly was. Gay Hitler was a SNL character from the show which of coarse [sic] is a spoof. … I am not gay and never have been. Don’t know anything about Swingers Clubs and no desire to find out. I have an amazing wife.”

According to his website:

Our country was founded on Christian Principles which are clearly stated in our Constitution and in the writings of our founding fathers.We must never let foreign laws and legal doctrines such as Shariah law to infiltrate our legal system and our country.”

h/t: The New Civil Rights Movement

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