Gay bar bans glass after ‘cheating customers attacked by angry partners’

ORIGINAL STORY: Following reports that people have been savagely sliced inside the ‘fetish room,’ The Eagle Bar in Manchester has been ordered by police to immediately stop using glass receptacles after 11:30 pm.

Security staff has been ordered to keep close surveillance of the semi-dark room, which you can can find by furtively slipping to the back of the club.

Allegedly, cheating men have been summarily sliced after getting caught by jilted partners, who we imagine were simply sightseeing and soaking up ambiance.

Following the violent incidents — and as-yet unsubstantiated rumors that indecent behavior was going on in the fetish room — greater Manchester Police were fast to arrive on the scene with straight faces.

Later, a sedate licensing panel hearing was scheduled at the town hall. Manchester City Council was swift in disciplining the S&M club, mercilessly imposing strict rules that the bar must adhere to if it doesn’t want to be punished for being bad.

The measures are:

1. All glassware must be removed from the bar area after 11.30pm.

2. A “glass-collector” must be employed to ensure no glass is within reach of customers.

3. Any glass waste must be stored inside a locked area, with absolutely no access to customers

4. Alarmist notices about the new glass policy must be prominently displayed

According to a crisply worded licensing committee document:

At 11.30pm hours the use of glass receptacles will cease and all glasses will be cleared away by no later than Midnight.

“Polycarbonate receptacles will be used for all drinks from 11.30pm hours.

“This will include the use of bottles, and all bottled drinks will be decanted into polycarbonate vessels.

“One SIA registered door staff member shall be on duty at the entrance to the ‘Black Eagle’ area of the premises from Midnight until the close of the premises.”

According to a calm, collected spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police, “There have been two separate incidents where people were glassed in Eagle Bar, so GMP took steps to make it safer by reviewing the license conditions, which was successful so Eagle Bar is now restricted to serving drinks in plastic glasses.

“Eagle Bar are not being investigated for any crimes.”


h/t: The Mirror




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