Gay bar bans glass after ‘cheating customers attacked by angry partners’

UPDATE: Eagle Bar Manchester has posted the following message to their Facebook page:

In response to the article published by Manchester Evening News Online this morning, the owners of Eagle Bar Manchester, Nick Curtis and Andrew Underwood have issued the following statement….

We were surprised to read an article on the MEN website this morning relating to two isolated incidents that occurred in the venue over the past few months.

We were made aware of the fact that the MEN journalist Ms Rucki had shown an interest in our business, and attempted to make contact with her on no less than 8 occasions last Friday (18th March 2016), even leaving a message for her. We had no contact with her, no missed calls and no messages from her whatsoever until we received an email at 12.44pm on Saturday (22nd March). This email was picked up this morning, after we saw the published article. – Obviously if this had been received within office hours, and had a sensible time-frame had been given in order to get a response then we could have helped Ms Rucki with her inquiries and assisted her in producing an accurate and well-rounded report.

Unfortunately, what we are left with is a wholly misleading article tacked together with sloppy journalism.

To address the points made in Ms Rucki’s report….
• To suggest that there were “several reports of glassing” is misleading. There were 2 isolated incidents.
• Neither incident involved “jealous partners.”

• We do not have a dark room, “semi-dark room” or “FETISH ROOM” in Eagle or The Black Eagle. The venue is Eagle Bar, we are one venue with two bars.
• Repetition of the claim, “glassings took place when some customers were caught cheating on their partners in the specialist fetish area.” Once again – no incident involved any jealous partners or couples.
• Yet further repetition, “The cheating partners were allegedly attacked by their boyfriends with pint glasses”
– This is simply untrue. Had Ms Rucki attempted to speak to any of the individuals concerned (these individuals have made social media comments on our own page, hence making themselves easy to identify), then the accuracy of this claim would be dismissed.
• “Greater Manchester Police called for a review of the premises licence following the incidents and indecent behaviour at the venue.”
– At the committee meeting chaired by the council when considering the GMP review, it should be noted that the council in fact told GMP that their claims of “indecent behaviur” within Eagle Bar were offensive. Further going on to say that the attitude of the police and other departments within GMP wouldn’t support this position, which were reminiscent to that of GMP Police Constable James Anderton (1976-1991) and to take this stance would be “like going back 30 years.”
• Reporting from the MEN that “a glass-collector must be employed”.
– We already have a glass collector in permanent employment.
• “The Eagle Bar has not responded to requests for a comment from the MEN.”
– We received no messages, calls or contact from the MEN within office hours.

In summary, we feel the reporting from the MEN here is beyond poor. No sensible attempts have been made to speak with us or with any of the people involved in the incidents.

In our opinion, there is an unpleasant air of homophobia within this report. The MEN appear to make loose suggestions that our customers are incapable of monogamous relationships or that a likeness for wearing leather or rubber somehow means that one of them may attack you.

We are offended by this report, and we would expect that many of our customers will be too.

We will be following this up on behalf of the victims and our customers with the relevant authorities.


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