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Father reported for homophobia after railing against ‘gay play’ performed at son’s school

After watching a play staged at his son’s school where two princes fall madly in love, a parent allegedly took to Facebook to post an antigay rant.

In the public post, Julian Marsh complained that his son returned from school “talking about gays, saying he had learned about gays.”

After accusing the school of social engineering, he wrote, “I think people who promote PC sex to kids below 11 border on pedophilia and are depraved.”

“It has nothing to do with gay sex that upset us but the lack of parental consent, a bit like finding the school had decided it has the right to vaccinate your kids for you and did it without your consent because it knows best.”

Carrie Morrow, the headteacher at Sacred Heart RC Primary, says she’s appalled that the workshop — aimed at teaching diversity to its students — was so sharply critiqued by a “small minority” of parents.

The play includes a scene in which two princes fall in love; a scene that is supposed to demonstrate how there are many different kinds of relationships in the world.

After Mr. Marsh wrote his disparaging remarks on Facebook, another user reported him to police along with a second man.

Both were questioned by officers.

“I know for some schools it is not an easy aspect of the curriculum to teach, but our pupils handled it with maturity and sensitivity,” said Ms. Morrow said.

She claims Sacred Heart RC Primary is one of the first local schools to stand up to homophobia.

‘We have been quite bold and it has not been without some negativity from the community. We are not intimidated as we know such homophobic attitudes are in the minority.”

On top of watching the play, students were assigned the task of designing logos for Wigan’s first Pride festival, and schooled on when it was right and wrong to use the word “gay.”

Mr. Marsh told the Manchester Evening News that he isn’t homophobic and had no further comments.

According to a police spokesman:

Shortly after 10.25pm on Sunday February 28, police were called to reports that a number of homophobic comments had been made on Facebook.

“This was investigated as a hate incident but it was determined that the comments did not amount to a criminal offense.

“Local resolution officers spoke to all parties involved and advised two men of their future conduct on social media.”

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