Audience members flee Margaret Cho show after she jokes about sexual abuse

One can often depend on comedian Margaret Cho to make one squirm uncomfortably as she grumpily riffs on touchy subjects.

Such seemed the case Saturday, TMZ reports, at a club in suburban New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Based on this video, it appears half the club got up and walked out after hearing too many Cho jokes about surviving sexual abuse, gay people, and white privilege.

It’s hard to hear or follow exactly what’s going on in the chaotic video, although we do hear Cho tell the departing folks, “You will never get a cent of the money back that you paid.”

We also hear a guy with a thick Jersey accent say, “This is comedy before Easter? Rape, rape, rape?”

And we think we hear another say, “This is what happened to the left.”

Based on the video, it’s difficult to determine what the gay jokes were that reportedly made two men in the audience get into a fight.

Later, on Twitter, Cho blamed her alienating performance on jetlag but she defended her (or anyone’s) right to speak out on rape or sexual abuse.


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