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WATCH: Democrats warn LGBTQ people about importance of Obama’s Supreme Court pick

“At the same time, Republicans in Congress have proposed the First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow government employees like Kim Davis and private businesses to discriminate against LGBT people under the guise of so-called religious freedom,” Polis continued. “Should that law come to pass, it would be up against serious constitutional challenges.”

Congressman Mark Takano (D-CA) was also on the call and reiterated Polis’ urgency while underscoring the setbacks the court has given the LGBTQ community. Takano listed various court decisions dating back to 1954 that have included LGBTQ issues and documented whether the community won or lost the cases.

“LGBT Americans have a long history with the court filled with both victories and setbacks,” Takano said. “As a result, the LGBT community understands better than most Americans what a direct impact the Court can have on our everyday lives.”

Watch the video below.

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