To end the scourge of ‘evil’ LGBTQ rights, Christians must take over every mayorship

Every state in America is in for a treat in 2016, because Reverend Franklin Graham is burrowing through each and every one of them as part of his “Decision America” tour; something to do with inspiring his followers to “live out their faith” in the upcoming elections and all that.

Oozing through Atlanta this week, Graham talked about the dire need for Christian conservatives to vote — and to run for office.

The way he sees it, if every city in America had a Christian mayor, the country would no longer have any “evil” and “wicked” policies like those pernicious LGBTQ nondiscrimination measures.

“Can you imagine the impact if every community and every city across this great land of ours was run by Christian men and women in that office as mayor…? The difference that that would make in our cities, if we had Christian mayors…?”

To cite an example Graham brought up Charlotte, North Carolina, where he claims “90 percent of Christians” failed to vote, allowing a candidate who supports LGBTQ rights to be elected.

“And we got a woman and her goal is the gay-lesbian agenda,” he said, “trying to get transgenders into the bathrooms so that if a person wakes up in the morning and they feel like they’re a woman that’s a man and he wants to go into a ladies’ restroom then they can do that. And that’s her goal. And I can tell you right now that that’s wicked and that’s evil. Men belong in men’s bathrooms and women belong in women’s bathrooms and we don’t need men and predators going into women’s bathrooms, I’m just telling you.”

“Now, that’s what happens when Christians don’t vote. That’s what we get, this is the kind of garbage we get.”


h/t: Right Wing Watch

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