The worst job in the LGBTQ movement is being an ally

The Golden Rule is ageless
The Golden Rule is ageless
Your feelings won’t matter. Your intentions won’t matter. The amount of work you put in will never be enough and you will never be forgiven for simple mistakes that other “true” members of the group will receive immediate absolution for committing. You will be scorned by academics, reviled by internet activists, and your contributions will be degraded and downplayed.

And in the end, you will pick yourself up, pull the arrows out of your back, and continue doing the best you can to dismantle the problems faced by the community you have chosen to help. You will put your heart on the line once again for others to stomp on. You will face threats of violence and condemnation by the same people oppressing that community even though it won’t be appreciated by most. You will speak up when they can’t and be shamed for daring to speak “on behalf” of others. You will screw something up and be vilified. You will carry on doing the best that you can because you are a good person and while some like to claim that intentions aren’t important, you will know that without good intentions nothing evil would ever change.

You will remember that the Golden Rule is the one constant of most religions because of it’s simplicity and, well, good intentions. And you will know that you are doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. You don’t need the approval of liberal hypersensitive internet activists who don’t actually do anything other than complain about the work of others. They are not the people who want improvement; they crave the attention that being oppressed gives them. They want you to fail so they feel better about themselves.

You do it because it is the moral thing to do – and no amount of internet savagery or academic mumblings will change that. You’re an ally.

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