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Suspect in gay hate crime murder torments the victim’s friend in court

“Oh, my God,” Robinson exclaimed.

Morales suggested he pulled the trigger only after Robinson reached into his pocket for his phone.

“Is it possible what happened was a reaction to the threat that was put on my own life?” he asked. “You reached into your pocket and removed what I believed was a black gun at the time.”

Robinson wiped tears from his eyes as he exited the courtroom.

According to the Michael Cherry, general manager of Annisa restaurant, Morales’ antigay tirade began hours earlier when he urinated on the front window of the establishment.

“I asked them to move away,” he said. “Morales said, ‘You wanna get a look at my tiny d—k?”

Cherry left, and then Morales entered the restaurant, calling the staff “f-gots” and threatening the bartender with his un. walked away but moments later Morales entered the restaurant allegedly calling the staff “f–gots” and threatening the bartender with a gun.

“He was saying, ‘He had a gun, he had a gun,’’ Cherry said. “He was beside himself with fright.”

Morales is charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime and other raps.

In his opening remark, he insisted he’s not a bigot.

ADA Shannon Lucey told jurors that Morales killed Carson for one reason only:

The fact that he was gay.

Watch the surveillance footage below:

h/t: New York Post

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