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Adult actors come together to oppose proposed law mandating condoms during oral sex scenes

Porn production is a huge industry in California and many companies already have stringent policies in place to protect the health of employees. Performers are required to take HIV and other STD tests before shooting a scene as part of an industry wide protocol designed to provide “a safe and healthy work environment” for “performers and adult film professionals.” Testing before shooting will not catch recent HIV infections however, since the virus can remain undetectable for up to three months after transmission.

The group plans to pack the audience for the next meeting to discuss the proposal. So far, they say, the agency has ignored their objections.

“We are telling OSHA board that these regulations create the opposite of what they were intended to do,” Leue told Buzzfeed. “Right now, we are are a responsible industry. We employ thousands of people. It is ridiculous that we are under so much scrutiny and public attack.”

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