Will Smith’s ex-wife: ‘Secret gay’ claims are ‘absolutely not true’

Will Smith’s ex-wife has slammed Alexis Arquette for claiming that she found him in bed with another man.

After three years of marriage, Sheree Fletcher divorced Smith in 1995. She claims she’s enraged by Alexis Arquette’s allegations that Smith and current wife Jada Pinkett Smith are secretly gay that she took to Facebook to film a video:

“Alexis Arquette, let’s just be clear,” she says, “I don’t know you and you don’t know me. So for you to claim you have firsthand knowledge information as to why my marriage didn’t work out is completely out of line. Not only is it out of line, it’s absolutely not true. And I’m offended and I’m hurt that someone would be so malicious and reckless and destructive and use a lie and an untruth to prove a point.”

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Arquette posted a now-deleted Facebook post accusing Will Smith of being Jada’s “beard,” writing, “When Jada comes out as Gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in to him **** servicing his Sugar Daddy Benny Medina..then I will listen to them.”


(Medina is a music exec best known for work with the likes of P Diddy, Mariah Carey and Tyra Banks.)

“I didn’t find Will in bed with a man,” Fletcher adds. “I didn’t find him in bed with a woman. I’ve never been paid to be silent.I know Will has a lot of money, but Will does not have enough money to take my voice away from me — to deprive me of my story. That wouldn’t happen.”



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