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Two men arrested in Morocco for kissing in viral video

Two men in Morocco have been arrested after participating in a gay kiss video that went viral in the notoriously homophobic country.

The video shows two male silhouettes kissing inside a classroom and sparked outrage in the country, which led to the investigation and arrest of the two men.

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“Sexual deviancy” between two members of the same sex is grounds for harsh punishment under Moroccan law, and the men are currently in police custody while awaiting a verdict that is scheduled for the end of the week.

The men face a fine of around $120 and up to three years in jail.

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Morocco has been a haven for antigay sentiment in recent years.

Last year, a Moroccan appeals court upheld convictions of several men accused of participating in homosexual acts.

One gay tourist was arrested for “homosexual acts,” and human rights activists have tried to pressure the country to ease its homophobic laws.

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