This man proposing to his boyfriend via flash mob is the only video worth watching today

We thought flash mobs were played out — until we saw how they were incorporated into what we admit is a truly magical marriage proposal.

As the video explains — although it’s about to be abundantly clear — Mark is madly in love with his boyfriend Yuval, and the feeling is mutual.

One oddly Spring-like December afternoon, they’re walking through New York City’s meatpacking district to meet some friends and family for brunch, when Yuval points out some sprightly street dancers dancing to a hauntingly familiar song.

“Mark, it’s our song!” Yuval exclaims.

Mark feigns surprise as they watch the entourage strut, clap, and kick to the syrupy delights of “In This Life” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Yuval is visibly pleased to be treated to this feast for the eyes, airily lip-synching as random passerby film the performance on their smartphones.

“This is beautiful!” Yuval cries.

Around that time, Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” begins to play, and that’s when Yuval realizes that he knows some of the dancers. Their movements grow more sprightly yet, subtly evoking the mayhem of a Renaissance Fair: the gazelle-like leaps, jazz hands, demi-plies, jetes, whatever that girl thinks she’s doing over there…

He’s noticeably mystified when his boyfriend, apparently lost in the moment, is swallowed whole by the choreography, now possessed by the same footloose and fancy-free magic that’s imbued this never-quiet corner of Manhattan.

And then — right before Mark presents him with the engagement emblazoned with the inscription “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” — it dawns on him what’s happening.

And he loses it.


Watch the performance art proposal below:

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